Reedy Falls in downtown Greenville. Photo © Ben Geer Keys

The Reedy River as it flows through downtown Greenville is the source of our community’s revival. But there won’t be a river to flow through the city unless we protect the wetlands, streams, and springs that supply the river which flows over the waterfall in Falls Park. 

That’s one reason why Naturaland Trust is working to protect the water sources of the Reedy. We are constantly pursuing properties that protect the Reedy’s water sources; properties that also contain towering trees, wildflowers, an endangered species, and migratory birds.  These tracts are important lands that border the Swamp Rabbit Trail, enhance neighborhoods, and add public green spaces to the city. We are also pursuing projects which help buffer the River's banks to help improve water quality downstream for years to come. 

Green Wood Orchid in Reedy River floodplain marsh outside Berea Middle School. Photo © Mac Stone