• Location: HWY 11, Greenville and Pickens Counties, SC

  • Size: 1+ mile frontage

  • Habitat: Mountains, foothills, river, bottomland

  • Public Use: Day use only, hiking and fishing

  • Partners: SC Conservation Bank, Graham Foundation, John I Smith, Jolley Foundation, SCDOT, Federal Highways Administration, SCDNR

A critical part of the Mountain Bridge Wilderness, the South Saluda River corridor proudly displays South Carolina's most accessible waterfall at Wildcat Wayside State Park. Today, however, it is also South Carolina's most accessible trout fishing stream with over a mile of protected and publicly open water. Naturaland Trust has focused for a decade on this thoroughfare to not only protect the riverine system and its tributaries, but also the improve the South Saluda River through annual cleanups with Trout Unlimited and by installing rock vanes. These architectured riffles help stabilize the banks and oxygenate the water for trout. See the maps below to see how Naturaland Trust and our partners have helped protect this natural resource for the Upstate and its residents for the last ten years.